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As a culinary arts major in high school, I enjoy being in the kitchen. Growing up, I would watch one of my great aunts spend countless hours in the kitchen cooking and baking. From full course meals on a Sunday to smorgasbords for the holidays with moist homemade cakes and pies. While I have always had a passion for baking, I still wanted to create something different than the usual. Something sweet and pretty with a presentation that would put a smile on everyone’s face.



What started as a hobby 9 years ago, after surfing the web then became my happy place. In my 9 years of “cake poppin’,” I have perfected my craft. I have traveled across the world to workshops, taking one on ones and live online classes with some of the nation's most premier cake poppers. Only to fulfil ONE of my dreams. In 2021, after accomplishing many goals I had set for myself outside of baking, I finally started POP Culture Cake Pops! Then, in 2023 I graduated with a degree in Business Administration.

I love experimenting with new recipes (hints at the 50+ flavors to choose from) and learning new techniques. My cake pop addiction is a collection of my thoughts and ideas related to all things CAKE! I truly hope you enjoy every bite as each cake pop is made with love!


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that's when i discovered my love for cake pops!

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